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Crew List - HMS Venomous, 12 November 1942

Ship's Crest

A Hard Fought Ship is dedicated to the memory of all those who served in HMS Venomous between 1919 and 1946.

The ship's complement of 120-200 changed each time HMS Venomous was re-commissioned  but the names of  very few of the ratings who served in HMS Venomous from first commissioning at Rosyth in June 1919 to the outbreak of World War II are known. The names of men who served in Venomous during World War II have been extracted by TNT Data Services (under contract to the MOD) from the Pay and Victualing Ledgers, bound volumes of the returns completed by ships writers.

This is a list of the names of the 177 men who were in Venomous on the 12 November 1942 during her second wartime Commission (April 1942 - October 1943) when the destroyer depot ship HMS Hecla was torpedoed and sank off the coast of North Africa and HMS Venomous rescued 550 survivors. Click on the linksd for details of their lives and get in touch if a member of your family is on this list.

To find out more about HMS Venomous see: http://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.uk/A_Hard_Fought_Ship.html
To find out how to obtain service records see: http://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.uk/servicerecords.html

ACKERMAN James Able Seaman JX194994
ACKERMAN Robert J Able Seaman JX202937
ADDIS Joseph Able Seaman SSX17322
ALLEN Harry Signalman JX134139
AUDLEY Walter Ordinary Seaman JX349896
BALL Charles E Petty Officer Cook (S) MX48956
BARTLETT Herbert E Stoker 1st Class K30965
BATTERSBY Arthur Leading Seaman (RNR) D/X19952A
BEAVEN Alfred Able Seaman SSX18507
BENNETT John B Able Seaman BD/X1651
BOLE David B Stoker 2nd Class KX123634
BOLTON John "Jack"
Ordinary Seaman JX342131
BOLTON W Telegraphist N/A
BOWER David  Able Seaman MD/X2686
BREWER Edward Telegraphist JX128895
BROWN Hubert S Petty Officer J111173
BUSH John W Leading Seaman J93824
BUTTON Herbert James Brown
Boswain N/A
CAMPBELL Alexander McRobie Ordinary Seaman JX363135
CANT Samuel Acting Stoker 1st Class KX132288
CARSON John Ordinary Seaman JX363149
CASHMAN Michael  Lieutenant (RN) N/A
CHEARMAN Henry Stoker Petty Officer KX77952
CLARK Harry M Petty Officer JX138515
COLEMAN John F Lieutenant (RNR) N/A
COLLINS John C Able Seaman JX287960
COLLISTER William L Temporary Petty Officer SSX19837
CONABEARE William G Stoker Petty Officer K65851
COONEY George E Steward LX26015
CRADDOCK Robert A W Able Seaman JX136400
CROKER John C Ordinary Telegraphist JX247090
DAIMES Henry  Able Seaman J105561
DAKIN Samuel C Ordinary Seaman JX347270
DALTON Joseph W Able Seaman JX186188
DAVIES Thomas Able Seaman JX202865
DAVIS Arthur Able Seaman SSX21446
DAWE Reginald A G  Temporary Acting Leading Steward  KX78312
DAY John Leading Radio Mechanic  MX99810
DEAN  Patrick W Signalman LD/X4243
DODD John Ordinary Seaman JX338032
DUCKWORTH Alfred Able Seaman JX202943
EATON Leslie C Temporary Acting Lieutenant (RNVR) N/A
EDWARDS Percival R Stoker Petty Officer KX767746
ELEY Ronald H Able Seaman JX161096
ELLIOTT R C Midshipman (RNR) N/A
ENGLISH L W  Able Seaman N/A
EVANS Evan H Ordinary Seaman JX303430
FENN Michael G Able Seaman JX171482
FILDEW William C J Stoker Petty Officer KX84308
FOSTER Robert R Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX80314
FOSTER G Leading Seaman N/A
FOXE Robert D Chief Petty Officer J92864
FREEMAN William G Leading Seaman J32819
FUDGE Harry L Ordinary Telegraphist JX300314
FURNESS W Able Seaman N/A
GARDNER William J Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75161
GAYLOR George Able Seaman JX169879
GIBSON Henry K Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
GILDON Charles F Temporary Acting Petty Officer J107583
GINNS Cecil G Ordinary Signalman JX233484
GRABHAM Richard Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX186210
GRAY William J Able Seaman SSX31287
GREEN Ernest Temporary Acting Petty Officer JX134471
GURNO Alfred F Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX159838
HADDON Henry L Able Seaman JX288908
HARGRAVE Ronald Able Seaman JX302126
HARGREAVES Robert  Able Seaman SSX30219
HARRISON Arthur Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX65742
HAWKE Ernest G W Cook (S) MX57581
HAYES Samuel Able Seaman JX302082
HEALEY Thomas P Telegraphist JX247170
HELY Cyril Able Seaman JX288646
HENDERSON James G  Temporary Acting Petty Officer JX149499
HEPBURN Alfred J Acting Stoker 1st Class KX110275
HERDMAN William E Able Seaman JX136309
HEYWOOD J Able Seaman N/A
HICKENBOTTOM Kenneth W Able Seaman JX288219
HIGGINS Peter Able Seaman JX288691
HODGE William C Able Seaman J108111
HOGGINS David "Jock" Able Seaman JX288932
HOLLIS Edward  Stoker 1st Class KX129217
HOPWOOD John R Able Seaman JX302134
HORWELL Sidney D Acting Able Seaman JX205114
HOWBROOK John Able Seaman JX187905
HUBBARD Graham Ordinary Signalman JX295971
HUGHES Joseph Seaman (RNR)  D/X10500B
HUGHES Alfred E Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX88987
HURLEY Patrick Able Seaman JX254778
INGRAM Henry W Able Seaman J107377
JACKSON Alfred  Able Seaman JX172588
JEFFRY William  Temporary Stoker Petty Officer  LX20253
JOHN Arthur P Able Seaman J45272
JOHNS Norman S Stoker Petty Officer K23010
JOHNSON Mark Stoker 1st Class KX105560
JONES George F Temporary Leading Stoker KX89679
KANE David  Able Seaman JX302574
KEOUGH Michael C Seaman (RNR)  D/X19710A
KEWN George Able Seaman JX302508
KNITHOPPER L Sergeant Marine  N/A
LAMBTON George Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX140246
LANGLEY Albert E Seaman (RNR)  D/X7818C
LIDDICOAT Arthur Temporary Supply Petty Officer M39194
LITTLE George Temporary Acting Leading Signalman JX160713
LOFTHOUSE Albert Temporary Acting Yeoman of Signals JX135027
LORD William K Able Seaman JX302078
LOXHAM Wiliam E Able Seaman JX186496
LYNCH William Stoker 1st Class KX104737
LYNCH Augustine Stoker 1st Class K60733
MANSELL Arthur J W Ordinary Seaman JX338485
MARSH Herbert Stoker 2nd Class KX147814
MARSHALL William Able Seaman J89586
MARTIN Thomas Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX23276
MASON Harry G Ordinary Seaman JX290101
MAXWELL Ian L Surgeon Lieutenant (RN) N/A
MAY Leslie  Temporay Acting Leading Seaman BD/X1637
McARTHUR William Able Seaman JX288167
McCABE George S Able Seaman JX172565
McKEEGHAN Douglas Ordinary Coder JX310298
McKOWN Leonard Sick Berth Attendant  SBR/X7213
McMASTERS Robert Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX72887
METCALFE Percy D Able Seaman JX186418
MOON Frederick J F Able Seaman J112060
MOORE F Able Seaman N/A
MORGAN Ivan Rhys Ordinary Seaman JX302854
MORRIS F Able Seaman N/A
MUDGE Albert L Stoker 1st Class KX121374
NELSON John J Ordinary Seaman JX308779
NIBLOCK George Acting Able Seaman D/X253834
NICHOLSON George G Signalman JX176282
OGDEN John Stoker 1st Class KX98358
O'KEEFE Thomas C Ordinary Seaman JX304873
PAGE G Able Seaman N/A
PARMENTER Albert E Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX201950
PASSMORE Donald F Chief Engine Room Artificer  M37920
PAYNE Hugh J Signalman JX231708
PEAD Horace R Temp. Act Warrant Officer Eng. (RN) N/A
PHILP Thomas J E Able Seaman J101367
POOLE Thomas H Stoker 1st Class K62202
POPPLETON Frederick W Ordinary Seaman JX302088
POUNTNEY Eric A Temporary Leading Telegraphist RNWAR 1067
PRUDEN Edward V Able Seaman JX198384
PUTT George H Temporary Leading Cook (O) MX59228
RALPH John G Coder JX310304
REID Alan F Able Seaman MD/X2974
RICH Percy  Ordinary Artificer 3rd Class SR16134
ROBB John C Able Seaman JX308182
ROBINSON Francis  Able Seaman SSX22722
ROBINSON Charles Temporary Stoker Petty Officer KX80956
SANGSTER Anthony De T Lieutenant (RN) N/A
SAUNDERS J Able Seaman N/A
SAYLE Charles D Leading Steward LX22221
SCRIVENS Cyril J Stoker 1st Class KX113109
SHEPHERD Hugh Able Seaman SSX30333
SHIELL Joseph C Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist JX134397
SIMMS Arthur N Temporary Gunner (RN) N/A
SLADE Arthur C Temporary Leading Seaman JX149238
SMITH Harold Able Seaman JX179941
SMYTH Thomas J  Signalman SSX29641
SNELL Lawrence R Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX943441
SPEAR Edward  Ordinary Seaman JX303044
STADDEN Douglas S Temporary Leading Steward LX23000
STAFFORD Harold Temporary Acting Leading Seaman  SSX14930
STANAWAY John H A  Temporary Chief Engine Room Artificer  MX47625
STANSWORTH William Ordinary Coder JX341615
SWAINSTON Samuel Able Seaman SSX12346
THOMAS Frederick N G
Able Seaman JX204662
TURNER Frank A  Able Seaman JX136004
TURNER Walter W Able Seaman JX204564
URQUHART William C D Stoker 1st Class KX94475
VICARY Edwin J Acting Able Seaman JX208610
WALKER Herbert D Able Seaman J106042
WARD Arthur Stoker 1st Class KX115690
WATERHOUSE Thomas C Petty Officer Cook (S) MX49073
WATERHOUSE-SUTTON Arthur Telegraphist WRX1127
WEEKES Charles B Chief Stoker K54729
WESTLAKE Philip J Temporary Petty Officer JX130014
WHARTON Frederick H Able Seaman MD/X2827
WHITE Cyril B J  Ordinary Seaman JX310031
WHITE John Acting Stoker 1st Class SKX918
WILLIAMS William P Able Seaman SSX15772
WILLIAMS Albert Henry Ordinary Seaman JX348240
WILSON Francis G Able Seaman JX302272
WOODS William Able Seaman SSX159742
WORSNUP Harold Ordinary Seaman JX334276
WRIGHT Herbert O Able Seaman JX196708
YELLAND William P Able Seaman JX160524

This list can also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF but without the live links to further details about their lives
The names of the 858 officers and men in HMS Hecla when she was torpedoed can also be seen on this website

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