The story of HMS Venomous

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Passing the time ...

Concert party

Cyril wrote on the reverse:

"Free French sailors tied up alongside us, note the band, they played all the latest songs in the dinner hour"

The band was on a French destroyer which berthed alongside Venomous in Gibraltar.

As a 15 year old Harry Haddon had played the drums professionaly at the Capital Cinema in Cardiff and with Cyril's encouragement he took over on the drums in the "froggy band".

Musicians    Model ship competition
Left: "Dolly Gray (IRA) and myself. Dolly [on right] comes from Belfast (killed 1943)"
Harry Haddon recalled Dolly Gray as a likeable Irishman with strong political oppinions.
Right: "We had a model competition aboard, this is the skipper [Lt Henry D. Durell RN] judging them."


Written on the reverse:

"Dhobying blankets in a tub, note the Persil in Yelland's hand"

They had one blanket each and Harry Haddon recalled that a Scotsman lost his when they were hung over the ship's side to rinse in the sea.

Cyril Hely took several photographs of AB William "Bill" Philip Yelland, JX160524 (1922-96) who lived at Lower Sticker near St Austell, Cornwall.

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