The story of HMS Venomous

I would rate this as being up in the same class as ‘The Cruel Sea’ for a picture of small ship life in World War 2.
Cdr Alastair Wilson RN (Ret) writing in the Naval Review

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remembering the loss of  HMS Hecla  ... and the 75th anniversary of the Escape to England of the Seaman's Hope in May 1940
TS Venomous
- the Sea Cadet Corps Unit in Loughborough - destroyed by fire

HMS Venomous

This site contains information and photographs of HMS Venomous received from veterans and their families since
publication of A Hard Fought Ship: the story of HMS Venomous in April 2010
A new edition of A Hard Fought Ship will be published in 2017

A Hard Fought Ship The story of HMS Venomous
HMS Venomous was a destroyer of the V & W Class, the most advanced in the world when built and arguably the most successful ever. Sixty-nine were built at the end of the Great War. By the end of World War II  all had been sunk or scrapped but during those thirty years thousands of men served on them.

This is possibly the most detailed study yet of the contribution made by a typical “old warrior” of this class to winning the war with end notes and citations plus a list of all its officers from 1919-46 and a list of known ratings. It begins with a comparative survey of the world’s destroyers in 1919 and ends with a list of all the V & Ws giving date of construction and ultimate fate.

The story of HMS Venomous is told by its officers and crew and illustrated with 170 of their unique photographs taken in the heat of the action plus paintings, drawings and maps. Read more about the book and reviews of the book.

The authors

Their accounts are linked together and set in context by Robert J Moore, the former CO of TS Venomous, and Capt. John Rodgaard USN (Naval History “author of the year”, 2000).

Book details

A Hard Fought Ship: the story of HMS Venomous; by R.J. Moore and J.A. Rodgaard. Holywell House Publishing, 14 April 2010. OUT OF PRINT

A hardback edition with five new chapters, a hundred more pages and many new photographs, May 2017.
ISBN 978-0-9559382-4-5 Hardback,  35

 Find out about the new edition and register your interest in receiving details of pre-publication offer

A Hard Fought ship was "launched" at the RN Museum, Portsmouth, on the 14 April 2010
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HMS Cavalier and the Destroyer Memorial
commemorates the 143 Royal Naval destroyers sunk during the Second World War and the 11,000 men who lost their lives

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