The story of HMS Venomous

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TS Venomous
the Sea Cadet Corps unit at Loughborough

Warships Week bronze plaqueSub Ly Kay Adey with Ship's Crest
HMS Venomous was finally broken up for scrap at Charlestown on the Firth of Forth in 1948 but the name of Venomous was kept alive by the Sea Cadet Unit in Loughborough, TS Venomous, which received its commissioning pennant that year.

Loughborough's link with HMS Venomous dates back to February 1942 when it was adopted by the town after Loughborough raised 300,000 during Warship Week on the 5 - 14 February 1942.

In October 1987 the Unit was honoured to host a reunion of former officers and men of HMS Venomous during which their guests attended a reception given by the Mayor of Charnwood and a memorable Reunion Dinner.

On the 5 February 2012, exactly 70 years after Loughborough raised the money to adopt HMS Venomous during Warship Week, the buildings on the Grand Union Canal where the cadets of TS Venomous trained were destroyed by fire.
The ship’s crest
and the bronze plaque presented to Venomous to commemorate her adoption melted in the intense heat

TS Venomous has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and is as active as ever
but these links to HMS Venomous are lost for ever

Bob Moore, the author of the first edition of A Hard Fought Ship (1990) and co-author of the second edition (2010) served as CO of TS Venomous from 1992 to 2003. He joined the Sea Cadet Unit in Loughborough in 1985 and in 1990 became Officer in Charge. After promotion to Lieutenant he was confirmed as Commanding Officer in 1992. The normal period of service for a CO of a Sea Cadet Unit is five years but by the time Lt Cdr (SCC) R.J. Moore stood down in 2003 he had served for thirteen years. Bob became Assistant District Officer for Northants and Leicestershire Sea Cadets and remained in that post until his death at the tragically early age of 63 in 2007. He went to immense lengths to track down the surviving officers and crew of HMS
Venomous and his interviews with them formed the basis of the first edition of this book which was self published in 1990.

When HMS Hecla was torpedoed on Armistice Day 1942 HMS Venomous rescued nearly five hundred survivors. In 1992 Bob Moore and twenty sea cadets from TS
Venomous attended  the fiftieth anniversary reunion and service at Stratford organised by The HMS Hecla, HMS Venomous and HMS Marne Association. The old sailors marched with the sea cadets to the war memorial. In 2004 the Association presented TS Venomous with the money to purchase a new standard. Survivors and their families alive today were thinking of their former shipmates on Armistice Day 2012, the seventieth anniversary of its loss.

For twenty years the annual Nelson Day Dinner hosted by the officers and cadets of TS
Venomous has brought together former cadets, many now serving in the Royal Navy, with distinguished guests to keep alive the spirit of Nelson’s navy. Guests include Captain John Rodgaard USN, co-author of the new edition of this book, George Male, one of the survivors of HMS Hecla, and Captain John Kingwell RN, the CO of HMS Albion. While reading history at Loughborough University in the 1980s John Kingwell served as seamanship officer, midshipman and sub lieutenant at TS Venomous, returning to his ship during the summer vacation. TS Venomous is one of very few SCC units to have had a regular Royal Navy officer on its books and it is particularly appropriate that Captain John Kingwell RN should have written the introduction to the new edition of this book.

Lt Kay Adey, Bob Moore’s successor as CO of TS Venomous (top right holding ship's crest), organised the launch of the new edition of his book in Loughborough's Town Hall and has the daunting task of raising the money to rebuild TS Venomous while holding down a full time job and continuing to train the 46 boys and girls aged between ten and eighteen in the Loughborough Sea Cadet Unit.

Presentation at Loughborough Town Hall
The launch of the new edition of A Hard Fought Ship in Loughborough Town Hall on the 11 April 2010
The  Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood, Bill Forster of Holywell House Publishing, Pat Moore
and the co-author of the new edition, Captain John Rodgaard USN
(Loughborough Echo)

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